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Revision and editing are possibly the most difficult and certainly the most frustrating parts of the writing process. Using an online sentence editor will make it easier and less stressful to revise and edit your paper.

The Importance of Accurate Sentence Editing and Revision

First drafts of papers are when you write down what you want to say. The revision and editing process is when you return to your rough draft and work on adjusting and refining your words so that your ideas can are expressed more clearly in the best way.  It is also when you can correct errors in grammar and punctuation that detract from the points you want to make. It is impossible to have a well written paper if individual sentences are poorly worded and contain errors in grammar and punctuation.

Top 12 Editing Tips and Tricks for Tightening Your Copy

Editing is the part of the writing process where you can eliminate mistakes and polish your writing. Here are 12 of the best editing tips and tricks to tighten your copy.

tips on enancing your writing
  1. Reduce the length of sentences and paragraphs. Overly long sentences and paragraphs can be more difficult to read and you may lose the reader’s interest. Keep your sentences concise and limit the length of paragraphs.
  2. Make sentence fragments complete sentences. A complete sentence must have a subject, a verb and express a complete thought. If it lacks 1 of these it is an incomplete sentence and grammatically incorrect. Add the missing element to make it complete
  3. Check for verb tense consistency. It is easy to slip back and forth between verb tenses if you aren’t careful. Make sure you aren’t changing verb tenses incorrectly.
  4. Cut back on adverbs. Some writers use adverbs to try and be more descriptive but in many cases, they will hurt your sentence. It is better to use a stronger verb than an adverb. Instead of “ran quickly” try “dashed” or “sprinted”.
  5. Eliminate excess words. Every word in a sentence should serve a purpose. Extra words that just serve as filler hurt your writing. Remove those words in sentences that aren’t doing anything.
  6. Use the active voice. Passive voice isn’t grammatically incorrect but it does make your writing less engaging. Writing in passive voice also usually requires more words. Active voice is more direct and easier to read.
  7. Watch out for homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. Examples of homophones are there, their and they’re and two, too and to.
  8. Two modifiers should be hyphenated. When you use two adjectives to describe something those two words should be hyphenated. It should be “man-eating shark” instead of “man eating shark” and “full-time student” rather than “full time student”. An exception to this is adjectives that end in “-ly”. Newly promoted manager doesn’t require a hyphen.
  9. Start each sentence in a paragraph with a different word. Avoid beginning sentences in a paragraph with the same word. If you have two sentences that start with the same word, restructure one of them or use a synonym.
  10. Be careful of comma-splice and run-on sentences. A comma-splice sentence is when two independent clauses are combined using only a comma but no conjunction. Run-on sentences are when two independent clauses are joined without any punctuation or a conjunction.
  11. Avoid overly complicated language. Some people make it a point to use big words in an attempt to sound more scholarly. Usually simple is best.
  12. Vary sentence length. While concise is good, too many short sentences will make your writing choppy. Mix up the lengths of your sentences.

Using these tips will help you with the editing process so you end up with a well written and polished paper.

Editing Checklist for a Quality Paper

It can be difficult to remember all the things you should check for during the revision and editing process. We have prepared a checklist to help you work your way through revising and editing your paper.

paper revision checklist
  • Does the paper have a main idea that has been made clear to the reader?
  • Is there a logical progression from paragraph to paragraph?
  • Is all the necessary information included?
  • Are general statements supported with specifics?
  • Is the tone of the paper consistent?
  • Did you finish with a strong and effective conclusion?
  • Is your paper written in active voice?
  • Are your sentences concise and to the point?
  • Have you removed jargon and overly complicated words?
  • Are all your sentences complete?
  • Have you kept your tenses consistent?
  • Have you varied your sentence length and structure?
  • Have you eliminated unnecessary words?
  • Have you limited the use of adverbs?
  • Have you checked for comma-splice and run-on sentences?
  • Does every verb agree with its subject?
  • Have you checked all punctuation?
  • Have you checked all the spelling?

If you are having trouble revising and editing your paper you may want to try a free sentence proofreader online to assist you with the process.

Use an Online Sentence Revisor to Help with Revision and Editing

Revising and editing is the most difficult part of writing a paper and many students are unsure how to approach the process. Online writing tools like our writing enhancer are able to analyze papers and identify errors in the text. A good sentence analyzer will also make recommendations on how to correct the mistakes it finds. A good complex sentence maker can even paraphrase and change the sentence without changing the meaning online.

There are some who may question the use of a change sentence generator during the revision process. However it is not cheating to use such a tool and as long as students ensure that rewritten text is paraphrased correctly and properly cited there should be no problem.

About Our Sentence Enhancer Generator

Our writing enhancement software is a great tool to use during the revision and editing process. It checks for multiple types of errors and provides suggested corrections so that you can fix any mistakes in your text. Here are some of the features of our paragraph changer software.

sentence editor features
  • Spelling checker. The writing tool will detect every spelling error in your text and provide you with the correct spelling of misspelled words.
  • Grammar checker. Our sentence fixer does a full sentence grammar check and can identify many types of mistakes including run-on sentences, sentence fragments, comma-splice sentences, verb tense issues, pronoun disagreement and many others. Errors that have been detected are highlighted and the proper correction is recommended by the tool.
  • Punctuation checker. Your paper is scanned and all types of errors in punctuation are identified and suggested corrections are provided
  • Tone detector. Our writing tool examines the tone in your text and recommends adjustments you can make to achieve just the right tone.
  • Passive voice detector. The voice detector informs you of text written in passive voice and suggest adjustments to make to change to active voice
  • Plagiarism detector. The change my paragraph generator compares your text to billions of documents and web pages looking for similar text. When duplicate text or text that is too similar is detected, that portion of your content is flagged as a potential plagiarism issue.
  • Paraphrase tool. Our paragraph changer software can rephrase and restructure sentences, paragraphs or entire passages of text. Whether you have to rewrite for clarity or to avoid plagiarism our smart sentence generator is up to the task

The many revision and editing tasks the correct sentence maker can perform is reason enough to use the tool. However there are other benefits as well.

  • Accurate. The sentence helper detects errors and potential plagiarism with a high degree of accuracy to ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Secure. Your paper/document is never provided to another database or made available online so you don’t have to be concerned with somebody plagiarizing your work
  • Works with all types of papers. Our writing tool can be used on essays, academic papers, blog posts, articles, letters or any other type of text you want to revise and edit
  • Saves time. The sentence fixer is fast. It usually takes one minute or less to do an analysis of a paper including suggested corrections which can shave hours off of the revision and editing time
  • Free. Our writing helper is free to use

With its many features and benefits there is no reason not to start using our paragraph changer today.

Using our sentence reorganizer is easy and requires only a few simple steps:

  1. Copy and paste your text into the provided field
  2. Click the button to begin the process
  3. Receive your report. Any errors are identified and suggested corrections and adjustments to fix mistakes and style issues are included.
  4. Make the recommended corrections and adjustments

It is that easy to improve and enhance your sentence. Try our sentence editor and write perfectly polished sentences every time!