Rewrite Sentences Online or How to Make Your Text Absolutely Original

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The ability to rewrite sentences in a completely different way while retaining the original meaning is known as paraphrasing and can help anybody who writes avoid plagiarism issues in their text.

Rewriting FAQ: Remove Duplicate Sentences in Text

Q: What is rewriting?

A: Rewriting is the act of taking a piece of text, be it a sentence, a paragraph or an entire passage and conveying the same idea as the original using different words. You basically change sentence with same meaning being retained. This may be done to make an idea or concept easier to understand or to better emphasize a point you are trying to make.

Q:  What is the importance or rewriting?

A: There are several reasons why rewriting is important. You may look at a phrase and decide that rewriting will make this sentence better or easier to understand. Rewriting is also often done to avoid plagiarism issues. You may want to use another person’s ideas but maintain your own voice. Rewriting text also allows you to put more emphasis on certain points to better support the arguments you are making in your own text. Finally, rewriting done correctly demonstrates to the reader that you understand the concepts or ideas presented in the original material.

Q: What are the different rewriting techniques?

A: There are several different techniques that can be used when rewriting text:

  • Replace words with their synonyms. Change original words to others that have the same meaning as the original.
  • Change the form of the word being used. Altering the word class is a technique often used in rewriting. For example instead of analyze use analysis or analyzing.
  • Change the sentence structure. Use different syntax than the original text.

Applying just one of these techniques isn’t enough to properly paraphrase a sentence. However using a combination of these techniques will allow you to rewrite the sentence correctly.

Q: Are there any tips for mastering the rewriting process?

A: Rewriting well takes practice but there are some tips that will be helpful while learning the process:

how to change sentence with same meaning
  • Make sure you understand the source material. It is impossible to do a proper text rewrite if you don’t understand the source material in the first place.
  • Begin your rewrite from a different point than the original. Having a different starting point will be the first step in reorganizing how the material is presented.
  • Combine shorter sentences into longer ones and break down long sentences into shorter ones.
  • Rewrite the first draft without referring back to the original source text. You will be less inclined to subconsciously use the same words and phrasing as the original.
  • Rewrite paragraph by paragraph when working on the longer text. Again, you will be less inclined to use the same wording and sentence structure.

Q: What are the consequences if I leave my paper without proper rewriting?

A: If you submit a paper without performing the proper rewriting process you could easily end up with a poorly written paper. Even worse, you may have inadvertently committed plagiarism in your paper which can have serious repercussions that could range from a failing grade on the assignment up to suspension or even expulsion from school.

Q: Is there an app that can reword sentences?

A: Is there an app that can rewrite my sentence for me is a question many students have. The answer is yes. It isn’t difficult to find a sentence changer avoid plagiarism online tool for rewording sentences. However, you should be aware that not every sentence rephraser app is the same. There are some good paraphrase sentence generator tools available such as ours that are accurate and produce good reworded text. Unfortunately there are others that merely replace words with synonyms resulting in poorly paraphrased text.

Introducing Our Online Reword Machine

Our sentence changer generator is the perfect tool for anybody who has asked can you paraphrase for me. Rewording and restructuring text is something many people experience problems with but our online sentence checker makes the process relatively simple for you. As a sentence similarity checker the tool identifies duplicate writing and text that is too similar to others.  In order to do this, it will compare sentences online by checking your text against billions of online web pages and documents stored in databases. Once it has identified similar text or possible plagiarism issues it provides recommendations on how to properly reword the text in question.

It can take a person many hours to revise and rephrase a paper and there is still a chance that something was overlooked during the process. You may not even realize you have plagiarized material even after proofreading it numerous times. Depending on the length of the document being analyzed, the plagiarism scanner we provide can generally complete the entire process in a minute or less. This includes providing suggested rewrites that you can make to avoid similar text issues. Our sentence rearranger incorporates all of the techniques used in rewording when it paraphrases for you including:

  • Replacing words with their synonyms: the tool will recommend an appropriate synonym to replace words in the original text
  • Changing word form: the rewriter tool provides alternative word forms that can be used to replace the original word
  • Restructure sentences: our complex sentence rewriter is capable of changing the syntax of long, complicated sentences as well as those that are more basic. It even functions as a fragment sentence rewriter, making changes to fragments to create whole sentences or combining 2 or more sentence fragments into a complete sentence.

Clearly using the sentence enhancer to assist with the rewriting process is faster and more efficient than doing a manual revision and paraphrasing on your own.

Advantages of Using Our Rephrase Sentence Generator

The online duplicate text finder we provide is an excellent tool you can make use of when it comes to identifying similar text and rewriting a paper’s content. However there are numerous other advantages and reasons for using our writing tool that make it stand out from the rest.

sentence changer generator features
  • Vast pool of documents to compare against. To be effective and identify similar text and potential plagiarism issues requires comparing your paper to as many documents as possible. Our plagiarism scanner tool checks your paper against billions of web pages and documents to ensure any possible problem areas are found.
  • Security. We never make your paper available online or to other databases to keep it from being potentially copied by others.
  • Multi-purpose. This writing tool does much more than locate similar text and rewrite it although that alone is enough to recommend it. It also performs other functions including finding and correcting spelling mistakes, identifying whether you are using passive or active voice as well as identifying the tone of your paper and suggesting adjustments to ensure you set the tone you want. It also finds and provides corrections for many types of grammatical errors including run-on sentences, sentence fragments, verb tense problems and many others. Errors in punctuation are also identified and corrections suggested.
  • Works with any text. Our rewrite tool can be used with any type of text including essays, research papers, book reports, letters, articles, blog posts or any other text you have that requires proofreading and editing.
  • Saves time. As previously mentioned the writing tool we offer can generally complete a full-text analysis including suggested corrections and adjustments within 1 minute or less depending on the length of the document. This can save you many hours during the editing process
  • Free. Our online writing tool is free to use making it a great choice for those on a tight budget.
  • Comprehensive reports. Every text analysis comes with a full and detailed report that identifies all errors in your document as well as any similar text and potential plagiarism issues. The report also includes recommended corrections and adjustments to be made that will improve your text.

Another feature that makes our tool popular with students and others who write is how easy it is to use. Despite all the functions it performs using our rewording tool only requires the following basic steps:

  1. Enter your text: all you have to do is copy and paste your text into the provided field.
  2. Start the text analysis: click the button to begin the analyzing process. It generally takes 1 minute or less
  3. Receive your analysis report: you will receive a complete report detailing any errors and similar text in your paper. The report includes suggested corrections and changes
  4. Make the suggested changes

Use our rephrasing tool to rewrite sentences online today and produce completely original and unique text for your next writing assignment!