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FAQs on Paraphrasing and Plagiarism Detection

Paraphrasing is a skill that students will need to learn during their studies. It is an acquired skill and until they master the ability to rewrite sentences correctly, using a paraphrase generator can assist them with the process.

Q: What is paraphrasing?

A: Paraphrasing is the rewriting of someone else’s text and putting it into your own words without losing or changing the original meaning. A good paraphrase will use different words and syntax while retaining the original idea and meaning. Paraphrasing is generally preferred to direct quotations. It is acceptable to rewrite sentences, paragraphs and entire passages of text as long as it is done correctly.

Q: What is an example of sentence rephrasing?

A: The following is an example of a sentence paraphrase:

  • Original sentence: One of the best known horror writers in the world is Stephen King.
  • Paraphrased sentence: Stephen King has achieved international fame as a horror novelist.

Both the wording and syntax of the sentence have been changed but the original idea is still retained.

Q: When should you rewrite paragraph and sentence text?

A: There are a number of different situations when paraphrasing text is preferable to summarizing or using direct quotes. These include:

why do you need to rewrite paragraph
  • To explain and simplify the original text. If the original text presents a complicated idea, you may choose to reword it in a manner that is easier for the reader to understand. Some text may contain technical terms or jargon the average reader won’t understand. By paraphrasing text the original meaning is still conveyed but is more easily understood.
  • To emphasize specific points. Altering the structure of text to present the organization of ideas differently can be done to emphasize specific ideas in a passage that bolster the point you want to make in your paper. However, care must be taken not to alter the original meaning
  • Maintain a consistent voice. Everybody has their own voice when writing. When you want to present another person’s ideas to bolster your own argument, paraphrasing allows you to present those ideas in your own voice and keeps it consistent throughout your paper
  • To demonstrate knowledge of the material. Paraphrasing text correctly shows that you understand the original material. In order to rewrite original text without changing the meaning demonstrates that you fully understand the source material.

When you do include paraphrased material in your writing it is essential that the meaning of the original text is not altered.

Q: Why is it better to reword than to quote?

A: Quotes definitely have their place when you are writing but in general it is considered better to paraphrase for a number of different reasons.

why is it better to reword than to quote
  • Easier to read. Excessive use of quotes can make your paper difficult to read. Quotes can interrupt the flow of your paper
  • Paraphrasing helps you understand the material. Having to rewrite text using different words and sentence structure requires that you think more about the original meaning of the source. You have to have a firm grasp of the material in order to paraphrase it properly
  • Displays your knowledge. Those who read your paper will see that you thoroughly understand the paraphrased material and aren’t just parroting another writer’s words without comprehending their ideas.
  • Provides clarity. An original quote may present a great concept or idea but it might not be very easy to understand. Rewording the original quote can better clarify what the original author meant.

Q: Does paraphrasing need to be cited?

A: When you paraphrase text you may have completely changed the wording and structure of the text but it is still the original author’s idea. Paraphrased writing still needs to be cited in order not to be considered plagiarism even if an automatic paraphraser is used. Generally citations will be in-text or included on a reference page depending on the style guide you are following.

Q: Is there an app that rewrites sentences?

A: There are many people that find the task of paraphrasing text for their papers somewhat daunting. If you are one of those asking “How can I reword my sentence?” you will be pleased to know there is a paraphrase tool online that can assist you with the process. Using a paraphrasing tool isn’t plagiarism as long as you make sure to cite the original source correctly. A good tool is also secure and doesn’t provide your paper to other databases or make it available online.

Q: How do you rewrite content?

A: There are 5 basic steps to rewriting content:

how to reword a sentence to avoid plagiarism
  • Read the original text until you completely understand it
  • Take note of the main ideas the source material contains
  • Rewrite the text in your own words without looking at the original
  • Compare your text to the original and make any necessary adjustments to avoid text that is too similar
  • Include a citation

Here are a few tips on how to reword a sentence to avoid plagiarism:

  • When you paraphrase change sentence structure
  • Use synonyms of the original words
  • Change the form of the original words

If you are still asking how do you rewrite a sentence to not be copy and paste, you may want to try using free software to paraphrase sentences online.

About Our Automatic Paraphrase Tool

Anybody who has asked “How do I reword my sentence?” can benefit from our free online plagiarism checker. The tool works as both a duplicate sentence finder that identifies similar phrases as well as a sentence changer that rewrites phrases for you. Our duplicate sentences checker first scans your paper and compares it to billions of online web pages and documents looking for similarities in texts. Any text that is too similar is identified and the original sentence maker tool will provide suggestions on how the text can be paraphrased to make it unique and avoid plagiarism issues.

Additional Functions and Benefits of Our Sentence Changer for Plagiarism

Our sentence rephraser online tool is more than just a way how to paraphrase a sentence online. It performs numerous other proofreading and editing functions as well including:

  • Spelling checker. Identifies and corrects any misspelled words in your text.
  • Active/passive voice checker. Identifies whether you are using active or passive voice in your text and suggests adjustments to your writing to ensure the proper voice is being used
  • Tone checker. Identifies the tone in your writing and recommends changes to set the tone you want to establish in your paper.
  • Grammar checker. Finds and corrects numerous grammatical errors including sentence fragments, run-on sentences, verb tense errors and many other grammar mistakes
  • Punctuation checker. Identifies and corrects errors in punctuation including improper use of commas, semi-colons, quotation marks and others.

There are plenty of additional benefits to be had when you use our rephrasing tool:

  • Saves time. It can take hours to proofread and edit a paper properly depending on its length. Our writing tool can identify and recommend corrections to your paper in a minute or less.
  • Budget-friendly. There is no cost to use our paraphrasing tool. You can find and correct errors, identify duplicate text and rewrite a sentence online for free using our tool.
  • Multiple types of papers. Our writing tool works on any type of paper and text including essays, research papers and other types of academic writing. It can also be used for blog posts, articles, letters and any other type of text
  • Secure. We keep your text secure and don’t ever make it available online or to other databases
  • Compares your text to multiple sources. The effectiveness of a similar text finder and rephraser depends partially on the amount of documents a paper is compared to. Our tool checks your text against billions of online web pages and documents stored in databases to reduce the risk of plagiarism occurring.
  • Full reports. A detailed report identifying any duplicate content and errors in your text is provided along with recommended corrections and adjustments to be made.

The multiple functions and features our writing tool offers make it ideal for editing virtually any type of text.

How to Use Our Similar Phrases Finder

One of the best things about our rephrasing tool is how easy it is to use. No special skills are required. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter text. Copy and paste your text into the provided field
  2. Initiate text analysis. Click the button to begin the analyzing process
  3. Receive text analysis. A report identifying duplicate content and mistakes in your text is provided along with suggested corrections and adjustments
  4. Make the recommended corrections and changes

To correctly rewrite paragraphs or any other text use our paraphrase generator to produce properly rephrased material and avoid plagiarism issues!