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Rephrasing a sentence is something many students have difficulty with but that almost all will have to do at some point. A sentence rephraser is a writing tool that can assist you with the task of rewriting sentences.

Rephrasing FAQ: A Rephrase a Sentence Online Tool Can Help

Q: What is the difference between paraphrasing and rephrasing?

A: There is very little to distinguish between paraphrasing and rephrasing. Paraphrasing is the rewriting of text using different wording and structure while retaining the original meaning of the text. You paraphrase to make the words your own. Rephrasing is also rewording and restructuring text with the purpose generally being to make the meaning of the original text clearer to the reader.

Q: How do you rephrase a sentence?

A: Rephrasing a sentence consists of several steps. Here are the steps for how to rephrase a sentence.

how to rephrase my sentence
  • Read the sentence several times until you thoroughly understand what it means and what message it is trying to convey.
  • Take note of the key concept in the sentence
  • Without looking at the original sentence, rewrite it using your own words. As much as possible avoid using words from the original sentence unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Compare your sentence to the original. If they are too similar you will need to make adjustments to your text
  • Unless the idea being conveyed is common knowledge you will need to cite the original source of the material

Here are a few tips that will make the rephrasing task easier:

  • Always be sure you understand the sentence before you rephrase it. You won’t be able to rephrase properly unless you know what the original sentence means
  • Write down the key idea the sentence is trying to convey
  • Use synonyms to replace the original words when you can. Keep in mind that rephrasing is often done to clarify so you may want to avoid obscure synonyms of words.
  • Change the sentence syntax. Restructuring the sentence will help avoid plagiarism issues as long as you also have changed the wording
  • Use different forms of the original words. If you are unable to come up with a good synonym for a word consider using a different form of the original word. This will usually require some sentence restructuring

Q: Are there websites that rephrase sentences?

A: There are always students who ask how do I rephrase my sentence and can I do it online. The answer is yes. There are a number of different sentence rewriter sites that can help you with rephrasing sentences. However, these sites vary on how well they perform. Here are some of the things you should look for in a grammar checker and rephraser:

  • Accuracy: the tool you use should identify any grammatical errors in the text. The rephrased material should also be grammatically correct and retain the original meaning
  • Original: text that has been rephrased by a rewording machine should be original to avoid any plagiarism issues.
  • Make sense: when you request that a writing tool rephrase this sentence for me the result should be easy to understand and make sense.

Q: Can you provide any examples of correct sentence rephrasing?

A:  The following are some examples of sentences that have been rephrased:

examples of sentences rephrased by sentence rephraser
  • Original: The materials used during construction of the house were first class.
  • Rephrased: The house was built using high-quality materials.
  • Original: This brand of toothpaste is preferred by more than half of all the dentists asked.
  • Rephrased: The majority of dentists surveyed prefer this toothpaste brand.

Q: What are the top 3 most effective rephrasing techniques?

A: The following are the 3 best techniques to rephrase a sentence:

  • Use synonyms. You can reword sentences by using appropriate synonyms of the original words.
  • Use different syntax. Restructuring sentences by changing the order words are presented in can be effective
  • Use synonyms and change syntax. Using different words and also changing the structure of the sentence is the most effective rephrasing technique

If you are having trouble rephrasing text you may want to use our rephrase paragraph generator online free to assist you.

About Our Sentence Rewriting Tool

Rephrasing text can be a frustrating task especially when you have a deadline to meet. Have you ever asked can you rewrite a sentence for me? If so then our put into your own words generator is just the tool you need to assist you with rephrasing sentences and paragraphs. It can even paraphrase entire passages consisting of multiple paragraphs. The sentence reviser analyzes your text and provides a version that has been reworded and restructured without changing the original meaning. Our writing tool is useful for more than paraphrasing online. It performs a number of other helpful functions as well.

grammar checker and rephraser features
  • Spelling checker. Any spelling mistakes in your text are identified and the correct spelling of the word is provided.
  • Punctuation checker. Any errors in punctuation are found and proper corrections are recommended
  • Grammar checker. The sentence corrector tool recognizes a wide variety of grammatical errors including run-on sentences, sentence fragments, comma splices, verb tense problems, pronoun-related mistakes and many others. It identifies the mistake and provides recommendations for fixing the grammar error.
  • Passive/active voice identifier. The writing tool determines whether you are using active or passive voice and suggests adjustments to achieve the correct voice
  • Tone checker. The tone of your text is detected and recommendations are made on how to set the tone you want to achieve
  • Plagiarism tracker. The tool works as the same text finder and identifies text that is too similar to that in other documents.

Aside from the fact that it is an outstanding tool for proofreading, revising and editing documents there are some additional advantages to using our rephrase tool:

  • Speed. By using this writing tool you can shorten the editing and revising process by hours. It generally takes one minute or less for the sentence fixer to analyze a document and recommend corrections
  • Free. Our tool is free to use which is especially nice if you are on a tight budget
  • Security. Your document/paper is never posted online or made available to other databases
  • Works with any type of text. You can use our rephraser and checker tool to analyze and rephrase any type of text such as essays, academic papers, articles, blog posts, letters or any other type of writing

Using Our Similarity Tester and Paraphrase Software

You might think with all the different functions it performs that the rephrasing tool is difficult to use but that isn’t the case at all. Your text can be fully analyzed by following these steps:

  1. Enter the text. Copy and paste your text into the provided field. You can type directly into the field as well
  2. Start the text analysis. Click the button to begin the analyzing process
  3. Receive you report. You will receive a report identifying all errors in your text as well as content that is too similar. Suggested corrections and adjustments are included in the report

Although the analyzing process usually only takes a minute or so there is a lot going on behind the scenes. The text checker is scanning for hundreds of possible grammar and punctuation errors as well as checking the spelling of every word. In addition the similarity checker is evaluating your documents text components against the text components of billions of web pages and documents stored in databases looking for content that is similar to your own. Words, phrases and the frequency and order in which they crop up are the text components being examined and the paragraph similarity detector tool employs algorithms to index and compare them to that of the text content in its database. When a similarity between your text and other content is detected the sentence or paragraph will highlighted as possible plagiarism in the report the tool provides

Now that any possible plagiarism issues have been identified you can use the rephrasing tool to set about fixing them. One obvious solution is to delete duplicate sentences from your paper to avoid plagiarism. This may work in some cases but quite often the information contained in the duplicate content may be essential to your paper. The alternative is to run the duplicate content through the rephraser tool and get a rewritten version of the content that is unique. You will need to make sure that the original idea is still retained. Also unless the concept or idea being conveyed is considered common knowledge it will be necessary to cite the original source to avoid any possibility of plagiarism

Take advantage of our online sentence rephraser to produce well-polished and original papers free of errors and plagiarism!