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Revision is an important and necessary step in the writing process and proves to be difficult for many people. An online sentence corrector is a writing tool that can assist you with the process.

Why Sentence Revision is Important

Revision is the step in the writing process where you review your work and determine whether or not you have clearly conveyed the message that you intended and make any necessary adjustments and changes. It is also the time for you to perform a sentence grammar check, looking for and correcting any errors that detract from your paper. Nobody writes a perfect paper on the first draft. Without revision the chances are your ideas won’t be clearly expressed and your paper will contain multiple errors.

Common Sentence Writing Mistakes a Better Sentence Maker Tool Can Help With

There are many mistakes that people often make when writing sentences. The following are some of the most common sentence writing mistakes you are likely to encounter:

common sentence mistakes
  • Comma splice sentences. These occur when two independent clauses are combined using only a comma with no appropriate conjunction
  • Sentence fragments. Sentence fragments are incomplete sentences. Fragments are lacking either a subject or a verb or they fail to express a complete thought.
  • Pronoun disagreement. These often occur when the pronoun being used doesn’t agree with the number of nouns
  • Subject-verb agreement. When the subject of a sentence is singular the verb must be singular. Likewise, when the subject is plural the verb must be plural
  • Dangling modifiers. Also known as misplaced modifiers, these are words that refer to the wrong word in a sentence
  • Verb tense mistakes. There are several types of verb tense related errors that are common including switching back and forth between verb tenses

These are only a few of the many types of grammar mistakes that can occur when writing sentences. To know how to check whether a sentence is grammatically correct you must be familiar with all the different rules that apply. Most people only know a fraction of these rules which is why using a sentence checker during the revision process is a good idea

Guide for Refining Sentences

English grammar has a lot of rules many of which most people aren’t familiar with. The following are some practical tips and advice that can help you improve your sentence writing without knowing every grammar rule.

how to check whether a sentence is grammatically correct
  • Keep it simple. Some people are under the impression that long complex sentences are better sentences. Clear and concise sentences that get directly to the point are usually better.
  • Vary sentence length. Yes, you were just told concise is better. However, too many short sentences together start to sound choppy. Mix up your sentence length. You can still be clear and concise in longer sentences.
  • Eliminate unnecessary words. Filler words that serve no purpose other than upping your word count should be eliminated.
  • Use fewer adverbs. A strong verb is preferable to an adverb. Instead of “ran fast” try “raced” or “rocketed” instead.
  • Use active voice. Writing in active voice is more likely to engage the reader and make your writing more forceful.
  • Avoid repetitive words. Try not to use the same words over and over again. There are times this can’t be helped, but if possible avoid it.
  • Begin sentences in paragraphs with different words. Try not to start any sentence in a paragraph with the same word. If you notice that two sentences in a paragraph begin using the same word you might want to reformulate a sentence so that one of them starts with a different word.
  • Revise later. Don’t expect every sentence to be perfect the first time and don’t obsess over polishing each sentence as you go or you will never finish. Get through your rough draft and take a break of 30 minutes or longer. When you return to revise your sentences you will have a better perspective.
  • Read your sentences out loud. A sentence that sounds awkward when spoken out loud is likely to be awkward to read as well.
  • Watch your grammar and punctuation. There is no getting around the fact that a well-written paper doesn’t have grammatical errors or misused punctuation. If you are unfamiliar with the rules try using an is this sentence correct checker tool to identify mistakes in grammar and punctuation.

Using these tips when you write will improve your skills but getting better does require practice.

English Sentence Correction Online vs Manual Revision and Professional Editing

How can I make my sentence sound better? The obvious answer is that you can improve sentences by going through the revision process. However, there is more than one option available to you when it comes time to revise your sentence.

  • Manual revision. Manual revision is when you decide I want to rewrite my sentence and complete the entire revision process on your own. This is a viable option if you have the necessary skills and the time that it may require. It is also a good way to develop your writing skills. The negative aspects are that it may take you many hours to complete the revision and you may still overlook something.
  • Professional editing. Hiring a professional to revise your work will likely produce good results. The downside is that good professional editors/writers can be expensive. Another drawback is that using a professional won’t do anything to improve your writing skills.
  • Use an English corrector online. Using a writing tool like ours to improve sentences online is an effective method for revising your writing. Many such tools are free to use and they aren’t prone to human error. An added benefit is you can see your mistakes and what you have to do to correct them, thus improving your writing skills.

Using a website that makes your sentences better appears to be the most effect way to find and correct errors.

Introducing Our Revise Sentence Generator

Our writing tool helps you to find error in sentence online and then make the necessary corrections. First the proper sentence generator scans your text and finds errors in your writing. It then issues a report that identifies all errors and includes suggestions on how to correct mistakes. If you need to restructure sentence to correct mistakes it can also do that for you. The writing tool performs numerous functions that assist you with the revision process including:

sentence corrector features
  • Spelling checker. Find and correct all spelling mistakes in your text
  • Grammar checker. The sentence checker will highlight many different types of grammar mistakes including sentence fragments, run-on sentences, verb tense issues and many others. It also offers recommendations on how to correct grammar mistakes.
  • Punctuation checker. Any errors in punctuation are located and corrections are provided
  • Active/passive voice fixing. The tool lets you know if you are writing in active or passive voice and suggests adjustments if you want to change voice
  • Tone identifier. It identifies the tone you are writing in and suggests changes that need to be made in order to achieve the desired tone
  • Rephraser. You can write a sentence in different ways online using out tool if necessary. It can reword and restructure sentences and paragraphs to produce original text.
  • Plagiarism checker. The checker compares your text to billions of web pages and documents and identifies any instances where your writing is too similar to other documents

Our vocabulary sentence maker works with any type of text including essays, academic papers, letters, blog posts or any other form of writing. This along with the multiple functions it performs is why it is so popular, especially with students.

Why Our Revision Tool Stands Out From Other Sentence Enhancers

There are plenty of rewriting tools available online to choose from. Some of the reasons our sentence arranger stands out include:

  • Accuracy. Our writing tool identifies errors and possible plagiarism issues with a high degree of accuracy
  • Speed. It generally takes our tool one minute or less to analyze a paper, identify errors and suggest corrections
  • Free. It doesn’t cost anything to use our writing tool
  • All types of text. The sentence fixer works with any type of writing
  • Secure. Your text will never be made available online or to other databases
  • Multi-purpose. Identifies multiple types of errors, detects tone and voice used, suggests corrections, detects plagiarism and paraphrases text

When our revision tool analyzes your text it uses complex algorithms to look for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. It also examines tone and voice. In addition it compares your text to billions of documents and web pages to identify potential plagiarism. A report is then issued identifying all errors as well as suggested corrections and adjustments you can make to improve your text. 

Don’t hesitate to give our sentence corrector a try on your next writing assignment and see the results for yourself!