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Facts about Sentences You Didn’t Know You Were Interested In

Facts about Sentences You Didn’t Know You Were Interested In

If you want facts about a sentence or ways to sharpen your writing, whether for blogs, articles, business letters, presentations, reports or essays, keep reading. Let’s begin with the things that can help you in improving your writing skills and sentences. And here you can learn how our sentence changer can help you rephrase your sentences.

facts about sentences infographic

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Facts on Sentences

  • Sentences length was first studied in the 1980s.
  • Les Miserables includes a 3-page and 823-word sentence that’s divided by 51 semicolons, 93 commas and 4 dashes.

Facts about Sentence: Tips in Improving Your Sentences in Writing

  • Always lead with the main idea in your essay. Your first sentence, in most cases, should be your topic sentence. In this case, you must be able to construct the sentence that will summarize the point you’re making in your essay, for example.
  • Change the length of your sentences. To emphasize ideas, you may want to write short sentences, but then longer if you want to illustrate, define or explain such ideas. You must also keep the ideas and key words at the beginning or end of your sentence.
  • Don’t hide the main point in your sentence in the middle, especially if you’re writing a long sentence. Instead, it might be better to highlight the main points or keywords at the beginning or end of your sentence.
  • Use varied sentence structures, including commands and questions. You can also change sentence structures through blending complex, compound and simple sentences in the paragraph.
  • Always use concrete verbs and nouns so that you can convey your message better and clearer. In this way, you can also keep your readers interested and they can easily understand what you mean.
  • As much as possible, always stick with active verbs. Avoid using passive sentences or voice, as it weakens your writing. You should see to it that you’re using active voice and with dynamic verbs.
  • Read your sentences aloud when done writing to check for problems in emphasis, tone, syntax and word choice.

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