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Rewording a sentence is using different words to say the same thing. While it sounds easy, many people have trouble with it and should consider using a sentence reworder to assist them with the task.

Rewording FAQ: Change Sentences to Avoid Plagiarism

Q: How do you reword a sentence? Are there any special techniques?

A: Students and others who write often reword sentences to avoid plagiarism in their papers. Here are the basic steps for rewording a sentence:

how to reword sentences to avoid plagiarism
  • Read the sentence several times and make sure you understand what it means and the idea/thought it is intended to convey
  • Take note of the key concept of the sentence
  • Without referring to the original material, write the sentence using your own words. Unless it is absolutely necessary try to avoid using words from the original sentence
  • Compare your reworded sentence to the original text. If the two sentences are still too similar make adjustments as necessary to your sentence. Remember that the original meaning must remain the same.
  • Cite the original source. Citing won’t be necessary if the idea in the sentence is considered common knowledge. If you are unsure if it is common knowledge then cite the source.

Some of the techniques that can be used for rewording include:

  • Swapping out original words with their appropriate synonym
  • Using a different form of the original word
  • Changing from active to passive voice or from passive to active
  • Restructure the sentence. Often restructuring will force you to use different forms of some of the original words.

Q: What is an example of sentence rewording?

A: The following is an example of a sentence that has been reworded:

  • Original sentence: I hope that, when I’ve built up my savings, I’ll be able to travel to Mexico.
  • Reworded Sentence: Hopefully I can vacation in Mexico when I’ve banked enough money.

The reworded sentence uses different forms of some original words as well as some synonyms. The structure has also been altered.

Q:  Is it plagiarism if you reword a sentence?

A: Rewording a sentence in itself is not plagiarism. However there are some things that you should keep in mind about rewording sentences and plagiarism:

  • If the reworded sentence is still too similar to the original it could be considered plagiarism. To avoid plagiarizing restructure as well as reword.
  • If the sentence you reword presents a new idea or concept that isn’t common knowledge the original source must be cited even if the reworded sentence is completely different than the original. It is not plagiarism if you cite the source.

Q: How much do you have to change to avoid plagiarism?

A: There is no hard and fast rule about what percentage of a text needs to be changed to avoid plagiarism. There are long strings of generic words that aren’t going to be an issue while in other cases two or three specific words used together might be a problem. The context of the words is a consideration. It will often depend on the institution you are writing for. Of course you should always aim for 0% plagiarized content or as close to that as possible. Reword properly and cite original sources when you are supposed to and you won’t have a problem.

Q: Is using a rewording tool cheating? Is it illegal to paraphrase?

A: Using a website that reword sentences is not cheating as long as the rephrased text differs enough from the original material and the source is properly cited. Paraphrasing is not illegal as long as it is done properly. As a matter of fact it is widely accepted in most learning institutions as long as it is done correctly. A proper paraphrase uses different words and sentence structure than the original but conveys the same meaning/idea. If the idea is not common knowledge then the original source must be cited.

Q: How can I reword my sentence online?

A: There are many tools that you can use to reword sentences online free of charge. In addition there are paid tools that you can use. Using an online sentence structure reworder like the one we offer is easy. Simply enter your sentence, click the button and receive your reworded text.

About Our Online Reworder Tool

Rephrasing sentences and paragraphs is something many students dread. If you are unsure how to reword a paragraph don’t worry. Our reword a paragraph generator is the perfect tool for taking care of rephrasing text and other revision tasks. The sentence editor isn’t only useful for rewording. It is a multipurpose tool that has several features to assist with revising and editing papers including:

sentence reworder functions
  • Grammar checker. The writing tool checks for many different types of grammatical errors including run on sentences, comma splice sentences, sentence fragments, verb tense problems, pronoun disagreement issues and many others. After identifying grammar errors the sentence improver recommends corrections to fix the mistakes. You asked for help to correct my sentence and this tool can assist you.
  • Punctuation checker. Any errors in punctuation are highlighted by the tool and suggestions are provided on how to correct them.
  • Spelling checker. Detects all spelling mistakes in papers and provides the correct spelling of words that have been misspelled.
  • Passive voice detector. Find out if your text is written in passive voice. If it is the tool recommends adjustments you can make to change to active voice.
  • Tone detector. The tone of your paper often determines how well it is received by the reader. Use our tone detector tool to determine the tone of your text. It also suggests changes you can make to achieve the tone you desire.
  • Unique content checker. Perform a similarity check of your text to identify any potential plagiarism issues in your paper.
  • Sentence/paragraph rewording. Our automatic reworder can rephrase and restructure sentences, paragraphs or entire passages. When you ask for help to paraphrase my sentence our reworder is more than up to the task.

With the multiple functions it performs our paragraph paraphraser is an excellent choice to assist with the proofreading, revision and editing process.

Advantages of Our Originality Checker

There are many copy and paste detector tools available online and some of them our quite good. So what is it that makes our rewrite tool stand out from all the rest?

originality checker advantages
  • Accuracy. Both writing errors and potential plagiarism issues are detected with a high degree of accuracy. Not only does our tool identify problems; it also provides recommendations on how to fix them
  • Speed. Revising a paper and paraphrasing text can take hours to complete. Our tool will complete an analysis of most papers in one minute or less depending on the length.
  • Security. Unlike some we never make your paper/document available online or provide it to other databases so there is no risk of another plagiarizing your work.
  • Multiple functions. Our writing tool can detect multiple types of problems related to grammar, punctuation, voice and tone. It can also find duplicate sentences and paraphrase text to avoid plagiarism issues.
  • Works with any type of paper. Any type of paper can be analyzed using our tool including academic papers and essays, articles, letters, blog posts or any other text requiring revision and editing
  • Free. Students or anybody on a tight budget will appreciate that our tool is free to use

All of these advantages add up to a revision and editing tool that stands out from similar online software.

How Our Text Comparison Tool Works

From the users perspective our similarity checker is quite simple. To check for potential plagiarism you follow these easy steps.

  1. Enter the text. Copy and paste the text you want to check for plagiarism into the provided field.
  2. Begin the similarity check. Click the button to initiate the process
  3. Receive your report. Within a minute or less you will receive a report highlighting text that could be a plagiarism issue

That is easy and fast but there is a lot going on that users of the plagiarism software probably aren’t aware of.  In the minute or less that you are waiting for your plagiarism report the software breaks your document down into a series of text components made up of words, phrases and the order and frequency in which they occur. It then uses algorithms to index these components and compare them to the text components in billions of web pages and documents stored in databases. When content similar to your own is detected the section of text in your paper is highlighted and included in the report as a possible plagiarism issue. In the report you receive all incidents of similar text have been identified and you can resolve any issues by paraphrasing and/or citing sources.

Try our sentence reworder at the next opportunity and submit an original paper free of duplicate content!